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Dell'Oglio fathers and sons

February 26, 2016

Dell'Oglio, the Palermo based historical store that features amongst the luxury multi-brand boutiques that best represent elegance and refined Italian style, launches the campaign Dell’Oglio Fathers&Sons, in occasion of Father’s Day 2016.

With the Dell’Oglio Fathers&Sons campaign, the Palermitan boutique celebrates the unique relationship that unites father and son in an unbreakable bond, a profound trait that features at the heart of every family.
Dell’Oglio invites fathers and sons to send a meaningful photograph or a selfie that captures them together in a happy moment: a birthday, an important milestone, the memory of a trip taken together. Otherwise an image of a precious moment, a shared experience: the first time riding a bicycle, a graduation, a wedding.

The photographs will be printed by Dell’Oglio and displayed in the windows of the Dell’Oglio boutique in Via Ruggero Settimo, Palermo on Father’s Day, 19th March. The protagonists of the images selected will become the faces of Dell’Oglio for one day, representatives of the Sicilian Gentleman: an elegant, classically modern man, who with an eye to the past looks ahead to the future.

On the same day, in Via Ruggero Settimo, the store will become a photographic studio for fathers and sons who wish to pose for a new photograph, capturing a moment in time and creating a new memory, which Dell’Oglio will then print and deliver to the protagonists.

For fathers and sons tempted by the new spring arrivals, Dell’Oglio will offer the gift of a tie*, symbol of the continuously evolving and growing relationship.

celebrates the unique relationship that unites father and son in an unbreakable bond

Dell’Oglio has chosen the tie as the accessory that best tells the story of style and values that stand the test of time. On the 19th March be it the father who fixes the tie at his son’s neck, celebrating the most precious of bonds, or the son who offers the gift of the tie to his father, a memory of that particular Father’s Day will be created. Together they will share an accessory that symbolises the Sicilian Gentleman, traditionally bold innovative, just like Dell’Oglio.

Dell'Oglio Fathers&Sons also welcomes the contribution of mothers who want to recount the special relationship that links their husbands and sons, and daughters, who wish to remember a particular moment of their childhood with their father. Behind a candid shot during a coffee break at the bar or a birthday hides not only affection but the Sicilian Gentleman that is admired the world over.

The Dell’Oglio Fathers&Sons campaign is now on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DellOglioStore and on Instagram with the following hashtags: #DellOglioPadriFigli #DellOglioSicilianGentleman#Fathersday


Photographs can be sent to press@delloglio.it


*the tie will be gifted to those who purchase from the Dell’Oglio boutique.