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April 28, 2015

A Sicilian can be recognised straightaway. He is the one that stands out from the crowd, in a group photo he is the man that has an expression that is different from everybody else, a challenging smirk. The Siclian gentleman wants you to play his game. He decides the rules, even in terms of style

He has an inherent attitude that extends to the way he combines colours, he is daring but never exaggerates. Dignity, class, eleganceHis essence expresses knowledge. Contrasts and contaminations are in his DNA, they are his history. 

The Sicilian gentleman knows how to take objects and use them as style references. At times they are opposing but he manages to blend them harmiously in order to create his unique style. He knows how to wear colours and find solutions that would be unthinkable to a non Sicilian. He knows how to cross over from formal to informal with sensibility. 

The details reveal the Sicilian gentleman.... 

He is capable of wearing a gilet in a sporty context, playing it down with an eccentric touch. It is the details that reveal the Sicilian gentleman; his socks, his tie, his turn-up at the ankle, the lining of his jacket. 

Dell'Oglio reveals the secrets of the Sicilian Gentleman's wardrobe.