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April 27, 2015

Traditionally used by Italian postmen, the classic 'Postina' bag is in perfect 1950's style, and today is the signature style of a brand that has reinterpreted the bag that is a symbol of the Bel Paese. Zanellato is an Italian story, and evokes the idea of true Italian lifestyle. The brand's history is deeply linked to the concept of authenticity and elegance, typical of a Made in Italy bespoke atelier, that for generations has handed down the traditions of leather craftsmanship. 

The acquired know-how of the world's best tanneries allows Zanellato to develop secret formulas, blending unique materials and craftmanship. The signature "Postina" bag recounts the Italian way of life and follows contemporary trends with modern colour tones such as the camouflage

An Italian story, that evokes the idea of Italian lifestyle 

Soft Marsiglia bag or the light grey Blandine style.The Manhattan backpack has a cosmopolitan aesthetic, with details that commemorate the iconic bag, whereas the black leather Lord bag is perfect for the modern gentleman. Zanellato is a story of craftmanship, Made in Italy quality and a love for timeless Italian style.

  • Brown leather Postina Cracklè bag
    US$ 684

    New Season
  • Dark blue denim blazer
    US$ 784 / US$ 1,569
    50% OFF
  • White cotton T-shirt
    US$ 157 / US$ 314
    50% OFF
  • Burgundy printed silk scarf tie
    US$ 97 / US$ 195
    50% OFF
  • Beige linen blazer
    US$ 518 / US$ 740
    30% OFF
  • Canvas Postina Blandine bag
    US$ 621

    New Season
  • Navy blue leather Blandine clutch
    US$ 286

    New Season
  • Blue checks linen silk and cotton blazer
    US$ 454 / US$ 909
    50% OFF
  • Black leather jacket
    US$ 1,035 / US$ 2,071
    50% OFF
  • Black leather Lord bag
    US$ 684

    New Season
  • Brown leather Manhattan bag
    US$ 621
  • Brown leather belt with multi-colour studs
    US$ 276