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March 31, 2015

The Easter holidays in Sicily reveal a secret that is kept throughout the winter season. The island wakes up, and becomes an ostentation of beauty in its dramatic and serene representations. The relentless disturbance of Baroque architecture and Arab-Norman peaks are diluted with an abundance of natural light, a reciprical contamination. Colours stand out, the air is filled with scents of almonds in flower and first fruits of orange blossom. 

An open window, linen curtains that move with the wind, the first sun of Springtime has finally arrived. The grandparent's house, the usual place for all Dell'Oglio family celebrations, prepares to welcome children and grandchildren for Easter lunch. Every little detail is prepared with the utmost care; 'nonna' passes her hand lightly on the white Cantu lace tablecloth as she lays the silver, the head of the family, 'nonno', hides surprises inside his gilet for the grandchildren and opens perfumed bottles. On the carefully laid table lie traditional foods, every plate is prepared with love. Between the lamb and the Cassata masterpiece lies the 'fritella', a mysterious Palermitan dish that strangely doesn't contain anything fried, but instead is created with peas, artichichokes and agrodolce beans. 'Agrodolce' or bittersweet, is the light and essence of all things Sicilian. Contrast is a style of life. Memories are childhood postcards, and trips to discover the rites of the island: the dance of the devils in Prizzi, the Procession of mysteries in Trapani, dancing Saints in Aidone, a visit to the tombs in the churchs of Palermo. In the distant horizon the first dip in the sea.