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Brighter than black, but offering the same amount of elegance and versitility. From cerulan and marine to electric and vibrant up to the deepest midnight, blue is a passepartout that works every season, and its multifaceted shades can be adapted for all phases of the day. The history and popularity of the colour start many years ago. For the Mayas, blue represented the universe; for the greeks and romans it represented pain; for ancient Egytians it symbolised meditation and mystery. Only with the advent of Christianity was it defined as the colour of calm, peace and serenity. Renoir used to say that Impressionism was only born because the colour black was missing and was substituted with blue. The colour of sailors, the classic navy uniform blue, both tasteful and elegant, when paired with white became an emblem of bohemian parisian style: the blue and white striped t-shirt. During the 1950s, The artist Yves Klein dedicated his pictoral studies to inventing a pure and unusual tone, that is stilll called Klein Blue today, in his honour. Not everybody knows that the commonly known electric blue was the result of a sophisticated blend of pantones. Every one of us has worn 'Genova blue' at least once in our lives, more commonly known as blue denim. 

Not too serious, and acceptable even for special occasions, blue is one of those rare and precious 'crossover' trends, because it works in prints and embroidery, is never too invading, and is perfect when mixed with white and black as well as brighter colours such as ocra and red, acting as a balance. Our tip? It works best with day and evening dresses, as a chic variation in your wardrobe. Dare to add a touch of red with accessories (during the day), whereas if you have chosen a more midnight blue or navy a touch of camel is ideal (any tone of dark brown should be strictly avoided). Evening allure can be found by pairing with black or metallic accessories, above all when the dress in question is a bright or electric blue. If you are a fan of shades leaning towards pastel blue or sky blue, remember not to mix them directly with darker blues, but to pair them with sorbet or pastel colours like pink, pale yellow or peony red (a less bright red that leans towards pink). Ideal with multicoloured floral or geometric prints with a brighter tone. 

  • Blue sequind tulle top
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  • Blue pleated chiffon skirt
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  • Glittered leather clutch
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  • Beige python effect leather pumps
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    Blue and white pattern cotton blend shorts
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  • White Jet Set Travel clutch
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  • Light blue vintage effect denim jacket
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