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March 03, 2015

Complete with shirt and tie, the suit represents the best way to appear well presented for all sorts of events, from formal to informal it is never out of place. There are various occasions in which a suit or a jacket can be worn: in the office, a business lunch, public speaking, a romantic dinner or even a relaxing evening out after work. The men's suit is still an essential component of every wardrobe. How to choose yours? We've created a mini guide to ensure nothing is left to chance. 



CUT: the suit must be impeccably cut, complementary of the body and creating a perfect silhouette. It should feel like a second skin, not too tight to allow you to move properly throughout the day. It is generally better to avoid styles with extra pockets or particular seam details so that the suit can be applied to different contexts. We recommend a suit in a very dark blue (deep navy) that can be worn at work yet is also ideal for a casual evening with friends. 


SHAPE: A jacket with soft lines is always elegant, for work you can get away with a more square, fitted. Lapels define volume. A small notch at the collarbone will make the jacket seem more tailored, similar to a classic bespoke style. The width of the lapels on the jacket are as important as the trousers and therefore the turn up. 


SHOULDERS: comfort is key, but the shoulders shouldn't be too large or with too much padding as this will create a 'square' effect. 


SLEEVES: Sleeves should be just long enough to show the cuff of your shirt, both when your arm is loose and bent. The sleeve seam should allow movement, without ruining the silhouette of the front of the jacket. 


The men's suit is still an essential component of every wardrobe. 

CHEST: The jacket should perfectly but still feel comfortable when both seated and standing. The only way to be certain of an impeccable fit is to choose a bespoke tailored suit, rather than a mass produced one. 


TROUSERS: An english saying among tailors goes like this: “trousers must hang from the shoulders and not the sides". Watch out for the turn-up of the trousers that should sit just so above the upper of your shoe. Trousers without front pleats are more modern, however a pleat will help to slim your figure and make your waist appear more streamlined. 


SHIRT: A pointed collar is perfect for those with a round face, whereas a narrow face is better suited to a wide collar with rounded tips. To identify the correct size, when the collar is buttoned your index and middle finger should be able to slip between the collar and your neck around the entire collar circumference. There are various types of collar: button down, with buttons at the tips of the collar, a younger style that can be worn without a tie. Straight point, the most classic collar, is perfect with a tightly knotted tie or under a round neck sweater. It can be used for all occassions, formal and informal. The English cutaway collar, refined and elegant, must be worn with a tie, and is best suited for special occassions. The perfect choice for a double breasted suit. 

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