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February 20, 2015

"The elegant man's approach is the antithesis of the fashionable man's approach". This is the opening line of Tommaso di Benedetto's book "I am Dandy: The return of the Elegant Gentleman," a tale of masculine style that begins in the 1930's with the golden age of men's fashion between 1934 and 1939. From the United States to Italy, formal elegance has been influenced by three traditional tailoring techniques: Neopolitan (defined lapels and narrow waist), Roman (the most striking silhouette adopted by cinema stars) and Torinese (sophisticated and influenced by the understated Savoy taste). Sicily also boasts its own special elegance, fed by the mix of cultures that have influenced the island. 

Contrasting influences have helped to create a true "Sicilian attitude" that is expressed not only through elegance but through a strong sense of character and pride. The Sicilians' way of dressing reflects their own vision and personality, and is intertwined with the story of the Dell'Oglio family, who since 1890 have dressed Sicilian gentlemen and generations of entrepreneurs, including Vincenzo Florio, founder of one of the most important enterprises in Palermo. The Siclian gentleman's style is best represented with a three piece suit, including a gilet. The suit is generally enriched with details such as a pair of trousers without a turn-up and a contrasting pair of socks. From a classic pinstriped three piece suit in Sicilian black with a contrasting pocket square, preferably white, to a more casual jacket and trousers with contrasting elements. Always impeccable, whatever the occassion.