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February 20, 2015

The Bambooryist project was founded in January 2014 by Luigi Cacciatore and friend and co-owner Davide D'Addelfio. They wanted to create something new that had the potential to revolutionize a market that hadn't changed for years, like the bicycle market. They'd also learned that in Accra, Ghana, in order to move people and goods at near-zero cost, the local population constructed methods of transport using bamboo. They decided there and then to embrace the same technology, adding however a touch of class. 





What does Bambooryst mean? Where does the name come from?

The name Bambooryist is a crasis of two words. The first is obvious, bamboo, whilst the second derives from bunburyist, a neologism introduced by Oscar Wilde in his 1885 play“The importance of being Earnest”. In the comedy one of the protagonists Algernon Moncrieff uses the excuse of having a friend in poor health to escape from the tedious mundanity. From this moment on, the word bunburyist appears many times in the play to indicate a person runing away from the restrictions of society in search of carefree tranquility. Given that our bicycles have a pronounced aesthtic, the Oscar Wilde link, conossiuer of excellence, seemed perfect. 


What inspires your designs?


We firmly believe that beauty derives from simplicity, a concept summed up perfectly in the saying “less is more” by Mies van der Rohe, architect among the founders of the modernist movement. The bicycle represents the ideal application of this principle, because the bicycle in itself in its simplicity a perfect structure. It consists of only thre triangles, the simplest polygon immaginable, and only eight tube units. It represents a window onto modernity, avantgarde taste, and onto the past given that it was the first locomotive that didn't require the power of animals or combustibles. Considering this, the choice of bamboo was fundamental because it unites design engineering with thousand-year old traditions, yet without letting go of the structural physics that render it our chosen material, perfect for constructing elegant bicycles that are at the same time extremely solid. 

The bicycle, when worn like a pair of shoes or a watch, speaks to the outside world.  



How important is eco-sustainability in design? Why? 

Like all things human. design must also face the issue of how to position itself in an ever-changing world. A world that has been damaged by industialisation over the past 100 years. One cannot deny that it is neccesary to find new ways of creating affordable comfort via technology. Tecnology that is not combinable with sostainability is not real technology. These days, progress means being able to combine in an ever more intimate and functional manner the needs of the modern man with those of the planet. Sustainable transport plays a crucial role in this. A bamboo bicycle doesn't only prevent smog, but it has a zero impact on the environment, as bamboo grows spontaneously and at an extremely fast rate. It can therefore be mass harvested without the fear of damaging the ecosystem. 



Has the bicycle become a trend-led fashion accessory?


Without a doubt. In a world that is rediscovering that ecology is not just necessary but a virtue, bicycles have begun to populate our streets more and more. If before the bicycle was second-best to the car or motorbike, now it has become an elective choice thnaks to its praticality and undeniable benefits. Bambooyrist took this trend to heart, creating a bicycle that is not only incredibly comfortable and efficient, but undeniably beautiful and stylish. As the brand's creators often say, just like a pair of shoes or a watch, the bicycle is something to be worn and represents the wearer. 


Photo Credits: Francesco Paolo Catalano