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December 20, 2014

Christmas in Sicily is much more than a religious festival. It is a celebration of excellence, family and tradition, all elements that the island excels in. 

A walk around Palermo during the Christmas period offers an array of nativities and shopping, and the city is brimming with lights and magic. Streets, shops and squares fill with colour and people, and thanks Sicily's unique climate makes the atmosphere even more pleasant. For those looking for traditional nativities, Palermo's numerous churches are a must. Each one boasts its own style, and a nativity that focuses on artisan crafts, a lively atmosphere or creations made from bread, such as the one exhibited in the church of Sant'Isidoro Agricola. The historical Vucciria and Ballaro markets transform into open air stores, where you buy culinary treats as well as Christmas decorations made by local artisan craftsmen from terracotta and ceramics. 

the city is brimming with lights and magic, streets, shops and squares fill with colour and people

A weekend in Caltagirone in the run-up to Christmas is not to be missed. The city's DNA lies in the art of the Nativity, and each year Caltagirone holds a huge exhibition of artistic nativities created from all kinds of materials, from precious ceramics to more innovative lit plexiglass. Christmas is not the same without Buccellato, a dessert in the shape of a doughnut filled with dried figs, raisins and chocolate chips: a typical sweet treat for family lunchtime celebrations, and a feast for the eyes and mouth.